[PC-BSD Testing] bugs/feature requests

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 10 08:53:24 PDT 2009

My list of questions and requests after writing 2 chapters follows. I'm on a ridiculously tight timeline for each chapter so any feedback is appreciated.




Feature requests:

Disable screensaver during install as the black screen may panic some new users. I can tell people not to panic in the installation chapter, but it would be better to just disable if possible.

Is it possible to have the install/scripts modify KMixer's default settings? RecMon, Microphone, and IGain are muted and have no volume by default. At the moment I've provided a tip to users, but it would be nice if PC-BSD just did this for the user.

Is it possible to remove (or hide) .keepme from the Create New menu when someone right-clicks a folder view? This will be confusing to new users and a bit embarrassing to tell them "just pretend it's not there".

Anyone know of a list of video cards which support desktop effects which I can refer readers to?

Are there plans for a (or an existing) PC-BSD/FreeBSD ATI/Radeon driver that does support desktop effects?

Are there plans for the 8.0 GNOME PBI to integrate the software manager and network devices into the panel or should readers be referred to the command line equivalents?

Possible bugs:

I was not able to get Configure Window Behavior->Actions->Titlebar wheel event to do anything. Anyone know if this is an outstanding KDE bug or just a bug in the FreeBSD version of KDE?

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