[PC-BSD Testing] 8.0 ALPHA for your inspection

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Mon Sep 7 06:59:33 PDT 2009

I got the same error message last night so maybe they are having  
trouble with the server. I will try it again today and see what  
happens. And I haven't given up on that HW list. Things have just been  
hectic this summer.

On Sep 7, 2009, at 1:52 AM, Alexander Yerenkow wrote:

> 8. About new software manager - looks fine, but I tried to install  
> wine clicked by it, and it goes to "Installed software tab", with  
> "Download failed! try again later". That's cool, but how to "try"  
> again? :) I clicked again in "Software browser", but this action  
> didn't tried again, but spawned second record, with same result -  
> "wine 1.1.28 - Download failed! try again later".

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