[PC-BSD Testing] 8.0 ALPHA for your inspection

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Sun Sep 6 14:37:50 PDT 2009

On Sun, 6 Sep 2009, A.Yerenkow wrote:

> On 05.09.2009 17:38, Kris Moore wrote:
>> Testers,
>> We've gotten a PC-BSD 8.0 ALPHA ISO to the point where the brave can begin to take a look at some of it's
>> new features, and test out the new FreeBSD 8 on your hardware. This release is for 32bit only, after FreeBSD 8.0
>> is released we'll begin the amd64 builds as well. Also, we have not begun to build the PBI tree for 8.0, and will
>> do so after FreeBSD 8.0 releases. However, you can still install 7.x PBIs on 8.0, but they may not all
>> perform properly.
>> This is obviously a very early alpha build, so expect plenty of bugs and missing features. This is mainly
>> a release for previewing what's to come, we will begin a more serious bug hunt after we finish implementing all
>> the new features for 8.0.
> Ok, report here.
> 1. Guys from FreeBSD again broke something in loader, so I could'nt boot
> from FAT USB.

Aurg, seems like they do that often :( I have a USB image here, that doesn't need FAT support, you can
just dd' the UFS image over. Would you like to try that instead of working on FAT stuff?

> 2. I had with last Alpha problems with wireless, sometimes network
> restart could hang + reboot my PC-BSD, what is worse - reboot of my
> wireless router 100% did reboot of my PC-BSD (ouch, this hurts ;) ).

Yea, I've seen that here as well. We need to report issues like that to the
freebsd team, so that the wifi guys can figure out whats causing it.

> 3. I installed PC-BSD, configured wireless, tried to restart network,
> comp reboots, filesystem broken, and you know, I found /etc/rc.conf file
> empty :) That's render my system un-loginable :)
> I need to write it from scratch now :)
> Kris, how about make ALL operations with important files more fail-proof?
> Something like this:
> echo "new content" > file.new
> sync (to make sure all OK)
> cp file /usr/PCBSD/backups/impotrant-files/file-`date`.bak && sync && mv
> file.new file && sync
> This would be much better, and wouldn't cause troubles with soft updates
> and hangups.
> Of course, this not for all files, just for system config ones.
> If you'd like I could do this :)

Good idea! If you want, feel free to implement this in the pcbsd-netmanager code in pcbsd/trunk. Especially
with the network restarts being so unreliable for now.

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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