[PC-BSD Testing] About latest alpha

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Fri Oct 30 03:30:07 PDT 2009

Hello all!

I'd like to report bugs, or maybe misbehavior.

1. When launch ports console, it launches konsole in jail; But if make 
restart, and KDE session is restored, then launched plain konsole. I 
don't see easy way to fix it, but it can confuse average user :) - need 
2. Strigi daemon is awful. Can it's database be pre-calculated and 
included in install ISO? Because, I've installed a fresh copy of PC-BSD, 
and strigi is doing something heavy (for my slow SDD) for a long time.
I thin better make an initial DB for strigi once at stage of creating 
instlall ISO is much better than create this base over and over again in 
hyndreds of thousands peoples all around the world :)
3. System settings, desktop search is enabled, strigi is disabled, but 
strigi is running (as can be seen in ps -ax)
4. I disabled whole search, rebooted - and strigi is still there.

Comments? :)

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