[PC-BSD Testing] Ports Console feedback

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Sun Oct 25 16:09:40 PDT 2009

Here's my list from today's writing. Mostly ports stuff but I'm still having ipw/iwi problems (new system, fresh install of latest ISO).




ipw and iwi interfaces are probed correctly. However, these interfaces don't work out of the box as these 2 lines aren't added to /boot/loader.conf:


and the rc.conf lines should be:

ifconfig_wlan0="WPA DHCP"

On my system, the ifconfig line was as if the wireless interface was probed as an Ethernet interface.

feature request: during install, a hostname generation script should create a random name or the installation gui should prompt the user to create a unique name. The default of always using pcbsd as the hostname will cause a mess if the user has multiple pcbsd systems on the same network.

For some reason, /etc/resolv.conf isn't making it to Ports Console. I had to manually created this file for Ports Console to work. I don't see a typo in portjail.sh, but something prevented the link from working. Can someone else please see if they can recreate this bug or if I just happened to hit a temporary blip.

feature request: add following lines to portjail.sh so whatis works for installed packages/ports:

export MANPATH

Manpages aren't installed in the jail itself, so there is no sense appending ;/usr/local/share/man to that MANPATH (unless you intend to add the system manpages)

And now for an interesting feature of using a ports jail...the application can only be started from within the jail as it does not "exist" outside of the jail. I guess this is a good thing, though users won't be able to use KDE's Menu Updating tool for the software they add outside of the PBI system...I guess I'll remind readers that this is a necessary evil and encourage power users to create PBIs for the packages/ports they really like to use.

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