[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha5 testing (10152009) 1of2

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Wed Oct 21 19:49:04 PDT 2009

On Tue, 20 Oct 2009, krzysiek wrote:

> Hi.
> Test results:
> 1. display setup wizard on geforce2 pro sugest "185.*" driver which
> didn't work; "nv" works properly.

This'll be fixed in the next alpha, updated the display setup wizard to 
now read the list of older nvidia graphics cards, and suggest the right 
driver for them.

> 2. UniChrome graphics driver works only in x32 version; at x64 it's not
> working

:( Sorry to hear that, maybe file a bug with freebsd send-pr?

> 3. k3b crash on x32 and x64 (error message says about DCOP)

Fixed in SVN! When K3B rebuilds it should be taken care of.

> 4. when i plug in pendrive, mount it and unplug couple of times, it
> stops being visible.

I seem to recall hearing thats an issue in FreeBSD's 8.0 stack at the moment. Hopefully
it gets fixed before 8.0-Release comes out :)

> 5. about software manager - good idea, but it will be nicer if it will
> include ports manager too.

Haha, I agree, the question is who writes it, my hands are pretty full :)

> 6. about network and changing hardware configuration - system mostly
> detect sound card and other devices, but it will be more usefull if
> system will automatically add network card configuration at /etc/rc.conf
> (simple 'cardname_config="DHCP" ' will be enough, i can live without
> taskbar icon - but i will be cool have it too).

Humm, this should work by default, what cardname does your nic show up as?

> 7. pbi's work fine on x32 (exept k3b) - but none of them was installed
> with system ( i have to install all of them manually).

We'll start uploading PBIs for 8.0 to pbidir once FreeBSD 8.0 releases
and we build them in an 8.0 base. At that point we'll include them on 
the DVD as well.

> regards,
> krzysiek

Thanks for helping to test, appreciate it!

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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