[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha5 testing (10152009) 1of2

krzysiek nr10232 at op.pl
Tue Oct 20 14:08:26 PDT 2009

Test results:
1. display setup wizard on geforce2 pro sugest "185.*" driver which 
didn't work; "nv" works properly.
2. UniChrome graphics driver works only in x32 version; at x64 it's not 
3. k3b crash on x32 and x64 (error message says about DCOP)
4. when i plug in pendrive, mount it and unplug couple of times, it 
stops being visible.
5. about software manager - good idea, but it will be nicer if it will 
include ports manager too.
6. about network and changing hardware configuration - system mostly 
detect sound card and other devices, but it will be more usefull if 
system will automatically add network card configuration at /etc/rc.conf 
(simple 'cardname_config="DHCP" ' will be enough, i can live without 
taskbar icon - but i will be cool have it too).
7. pbi's work fine on x32 (exept k3b) - but none of them was installed 
with system ( i have to install all of them manually).


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