[PC-BSD Testing] How to make inetd in 8-alpha play?

Walt Pawley walt at wump.org
Mon Oct 19 10:44:29 PDT 2009

At 11:37 AM -0400 10/19/09, Kris Moore wrote:
>On Mon, 19 Oct 2009, Walt Pawley wrote:
>> I've been trying for a few days to get inetd to actually work.
>> I'm most likely missing something that's obvious, but I've sort
>> of run out of ideas as to what to Google, apropos, etc. to find
>> the missing link.
>> I've un-commented the services I want in /etc/inetd.conf and
>> bumbled into un-commenting the ALL : ALL : allow line in
>> /etc/hosts.allow (first time I've run into this for some
>> reason) and enabled inetd at boot (it does run - just won't let
>> me connect to anything). By adding the -d option to inetd, I
>> get errors for each service that ipsec initialization failed,
>> though subsequent diagnostic output seemed to indicate that
>> inetd didn't care and was enabling the service.
>> About the only thing I've seen about the latter is that it
>> occurs when ipsec isn't compiled into the kernel.
>> What am I missing?
>Do you have inetd_enable in rc.conf?

I'd actually edited /etc/defaults/rc.conf like ...

$ grep -i inetd /etc/defaults/rc.conf
# wump 19/18/09 01:23   turned on inetd
#inetd_enable="NO"              # Run the network daemon dispatcher (YES/NO).
inetd_enable="YES"              # Run the network daemon dispatcher (YES/NO).
inetd_program="/usr/sbin/inetd" # path to inetd, if you want a different one.
inetd_flags="-wW -C 60"         # Optional flags to inetd

which seemed to start inetd just fine, though it didn't work.
Manually executing inetd with the -d option got me this ...

/usr/sbin/inetd -d -wW -C 60
ADD : ftp proto=tcp accept=1 max=0 user=root
group=(null)class=daemon builtin=0x0 server=/usr/libexec/ftpd
inetd: ftp/tcp: ipsec initialization failed; in entrust
inetd: ftp/tcp: ipsec initialization failed; out entrust
inetd: enabling ftp, fd 4
inetd: registered /usr/libexec/ftpd on 4

On the off chance that actually having the inetd_enable="YES" in the
file /etc/rc.conf, I swapped the commenting on the two enable lines
I now have in /etc/defaults/rc.conf so it say "NO" and edited
/etc/rc.conf to contain the "YES", like ...

grep -i inetd /etc/rc.conf
inetd_enable="YES"             # Run the network daemon dispatcher (YES/NO).

and rebooted. Still doesn't play nice. Sigh ...

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