[PC-BSD Testing] iso on USB stick

Johann Hugo jhugo at meraka.csir.co.za
Sat Oct 17 07:29:14 PDT 2009

Can I use an iso on a USB drive and install from there ?

I've tried this:
fdisk /dev/da0
bsdlabel -Bw da0 auto
newfs /dev/da0a
mount /dev/da0s1 /mnt
tar -xvf PCBSD8.0-ALPHA-20091002-x86-DVD.iso -C /mnt 
(Still downloading the new iso)

It boots fine and gets into the installer. I can do an  install,  but it takes 
only a couple of seconds to complete (without any errors). The only problem 
is that it doesn't work. Is it suppose to work or am I missing something.


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