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A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
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On 14.10.2009 4:09, Dru Lavigne wrote:
> Today's comments. Mostly questions and some encrypt and compress bugs.
> Cheers,
> Dru
> ---
> KDE LIRC server should be removed from Utilities (if it isn't already)
> will KOffice be included in base? there is no PBI for it.
> Is the Java PBI for backward compatability only or does Java just work 
> now?
> Do we know what version of Flash will be in PC-BSD 8?
> USB automount is real flaky. I tried 2 S3 thumbdrives, a S1 
> thumbdrive, and a USB hard disk. Only one of the S3 thumbdrives 
> mounted, and that was unrepeatable, even across reboots. Not sure if 
> it is my latest test system or if USB automount is just flaky :-) Note 
> that I can mount manually but I'd rather tell readers that it "just 
> works".
There is some bug currently, only first drive plugged in can be mounted; 
but in a 8.0-alpha few version back, there were all working, without 
problems/ manual mounting.

> File encryption fails in dolphin when you right-click a file and 
> select Encrypt from the Actions menu (after making your keypair). I 
> suspect it is either a configuration setting in KGpg's key managment 
> menu or a bug in this version of gnupg (Google hints at this). Also, 
> the default configuration is for ASCII armour (which does not encrypt) 
> which is a deceptive default for something that promises to encrypt... 
> The error is:
> Not all files were encrypted. Details: [GNUPG] INV_RECP 0 27029B62
> I suggest that the Encrypt File option (the one with the yellow lock 
> icon) be removed from the Actions menu. This will save user confusion 
> (e.g. why are there 2 Encrypt file actions in this menu?) and will 
> force them to use Kleopatra which actually works and provides more 
> functionality. Note that we want to keep kgpg installed as users need 
> that to generate keys (generating keys works with kgpg, using them 
> does not).
> Kleopatra gives a self-test error of "GpgSM (S/MIME Backend) 
> installation not properly.." You can duplicate this error by 
> right-clicking a file in dolphin and selecting any of the right-click 
> Actions that have a cup with a red circle icon. Adding whatever 
> software is missing should remove the error.
> dolphin-> right-click file -> actions -> Encrypte & Sign File does 
> nothing (it is supposed to launch the applicable menu in Kleopatra)
> Kleopatra's Certificate Creation Wizard (in file menu) does not work 
> which is needed to use dolphin's right-click -> Actions -> S/MIME-Sign 
> File. If resolving the above self-test error doesn't fix this, I would 
> suggest this option be removed from Action menu. Would be handier to 
> get this fixed though as it is a nice cert generation interface.
> dolphin-> right-click file/directory -> compress -> As RAR Archive 
> fails with: "Failed to locate program rar in PATH"
> dolphin-> right-click file/directory -> compress -> As ZIP/TAR Archive 
> does the same thing as compress -> Here. I would suggest removing one 
> of these (probably Here as that option gives no indication of what 
> you're gonna get)
> if you right-click a tar.gz compressed file in Dolphin and select 
> Extract Archive Here, Autodetect Subfolder, you get a bunch of funky 
> empty folders instead of the contents of the archive. If you try the 
> same thing with a .zip, you get the entire directory structure leading 
> up to the file (which may be what is supposed to happen but it's 
> irritating). If you select Extract Archive Here, nothing happens for 
> tar.gz; for zip you get folders leading to the path of the extracted file.
> I could not get right-click any type of compressed file -> Extract 
> Archive To to work. When I selected a directory to extract to, it 
> complained that it already existed. When i clicked ok anyways, the 
> files did not get extracted to the selected directory. If I click to 
> create a new folder, it does get created but nothing gets extracted.
> can someone confirm which filesystems are supported if you connect an 
> external USB hard drive. e.g. NTFS? DOS? UFS? EXT2? etc.
I can confirm that dos/ufs/ntfs works, ext2 not tested, but probably 
should work, don't know ;)
> encrypting in kmail doesn't work (related to S/MIME error above). 
> Exact error is: "Engine /usr/local/bin/gpgsm is not installed properly"
> youtube etc. work fine in Konqueror and firefox PBI, but fails in 
> Opera PBI
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