[PC-BSD Testing] today's questions/bugs

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 13 18:09:27 PDT 2009

Today's comments. Mostly questions and some encrypt and compress bugs.




KDE LIRC server should be removed from Utilities (if it isn't already)

will KOffice be included in base? there is no PBI for it.

Is the Java PBI for backward compatability only or does Java just work now?

Do we know what version of Flash will be in PC-BSD 8?

USB automount is real flaky. I tried 2 S3 thumbdrives, a S1 thumbdrive, and a USB hard disk. Only one of the S3 thumbdrives mounted, and that was unrepeatable, even across reboots. Not sure if it is my latest test system or if USB automount is just flaky :-) Note that I can mount manually but I'd rather tell readers that it "just works".

File encryption fails in dolphin when you right-click a file and select Encrypt from the Actions menu (after making your keypair). I suspect it is either a configuration setting in KGpg's key managment menu or a bug in this version of gnupg (Google hints at this). Also, the default configuration is for ASCII armour (which does not encrypt) which is a deceptive default for something that promises to encrypt... The error is:
Not all files were encrypted. Details: [GNUPG] INV_RECP 0 27029B62
I suggest that the Encrypt File option (the one with the yellow lock icon) be removed from the Actions menu. This will save user confusion (e.g. why are there 2 Encrypt file actions in this menu?) and will force them to use Kleopatra which actually works and provides more functionality. Note that we want to keep kgpg installed as users need that to generate keys (generating keys works with kgpg, using them does not).

Kleopatra gives a self-test error of "GpgSM (S/MIME Backend) installation not properly.." You can duplicate this error by right-clicking a file in dolphin and selecting any of the right-click Actions that have a cup with a red circle icon. Adding whatever software is missing should remove the error. 

dolphin-> right-click file -> actions -> Encrypte & Sign File does nothing (it is supposed to launch the applicable menu in Kleopatra)

Kleopatra's Certificate Creation Wizard (in file menu) does not work which is needed to use dolphin's right-click -> Actions -> S/MIME-Sign File. If resolving the above self-test error doesn't fix this, I would suggest this option be removed from Action menu. Would be handier to get this fixed though as it is a nice cert generation interface.

dolphin-> right-click file/directory -> compress -> As RAR Archive fails with: "Failed to locate program rar in PATH"

dolphin-> right-click file/directory -> compress -> As ZIP/TAR Archive does the same thing as compress -> Here. I would suggest removing one of these (probably Here as that option gives no indication of what you're gonna get)

if you right-click a tar.gz compressed file in Dolphin and select Extract Archive Here, Autodetect Subfolder, you get a bunch of funky empty folders instead of the contents of the archive. If you try the same thing with a .zip, you get the entire directory structure leading up to the file (which may be what is supposed to happen but it's irritating). If you select Extract Archive Here, nothing happens for tar.gz; for zip you get folders leading to the path of the extracted file.

I could not get right-click any type of compressed file -> Extract Archive To to work. When I selected a directory to extract to, it complained that it already existed. When i clicked ok anyways, the files did not get extracted to the selected directory. If I click to create a new folder, it does get created but nothing gets extracted.

can someone confirm which filesystems are supported if you connect an external USB hard drive. e.g. NTFS? DOS? UFS? EXT2? etc.

encrypting in kmail doesn't work (related to S/MIME error above). Exact error is: "Engine /usr/local/bin/gpgsm is not installed properly"

youtube etc. work fine in Konqueror and firefox PBI, but fails in Opera PBI

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