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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Fri Oct 9 10:06:12 PDT 2009

On Wed, 7 Oct 2009, Dru Lavigne wrote:

> >From the remainder of System Settings.
> Cheers,
> Dru
> ---
> Software Manager Configuration: does "keep downloaded software in temporary directory" mean that it goes to /tmp instead of the path in
> the Misc tab? What is the /usr/local/tmp path used for in Misc?

This refers to the temp directory in the Misc tab, so /usr/local/tmp in most cases. That temp directory is used for all file-downloads,
such as PBIs / system updates, since users may want to change it to a file system with enough free space if necessary.

> In System Components, you can't highlight multiple components. A select all button would also be handy. Also, if there is a failure (e.g.
> CD not accessible or file not found) it keeps on trucking along with no way to cancel the operation without quitting the app altogether.

I'm currenttly re-evaluating some of how we do the components section right now. This may go away in the future, and we
just have the KDE components included in the system, and keep the source / ports stuff in the System Manager.

> Can you still configure how often to check for updates? e.g. at boot time, once per day, etc.

It defaults to every 24 hours, and at the startup, but you can always right-click on the taskbar icon and check-manually when
you want to.

> System Manager: Is the Tasks tab still needed? Will the Fetch Ports option fetch to the ports jail or will it cause the user problems? I
> like the idea of just doing this in Software Manager -> System Components as the user can see if they are installed.

I may be tweaking that soon, so that it'll show if they are installed here or not

> System Manager -> Misc tab: changing the language did not make a difference.

Checked into this, when you just logout / and bring up KDM, it doesn't load the new language properly, but when you reboot
it does work here. Something in KDM is broken, it doesn't properly append .UTF to the end of the Language=es line, which causes
it to fail. We have a kludge in /PCBSD/bin/pdm to set LANG, which works, but only when you reboot.

> strigidaemon does not start by default and it looks like the correct way to do this is in Autostart (there are no rc scripts for it and
> it needs dbus to start). Should I advise readers to add it manually to Autostart if they want to use it or should it be included in the
> default PC-BSD Autostart settings?

I've added this to the Autostart by default now, not sure how well it works though, never really played with strigi

> /etc/rc.d/powerd is failing at boot time, meaning it does not show in System Settings -> Hardware. Manual starting gives this error:
> Starting powerd.
> powerd: lookup freq: No such file or directory
> /etc/rc.d/powerd: WARNING: failed to start powerd

Powerd is weird, it runs here on my laptop, but it still doesn't show up in the kde power-management backend. Not sure if 
thats a porting issue, or the KDE backend doesn't support powerd?

> Anyone know if there is a bluetooth management backend for FreeBSD? KDE is expecting Bluez (used by Linux but not FreeBSD). If there
> isn't a backend, we should consider removing the bluetooth section from System Settings -> Hardware. It there is a backend, we should add
> it to the packages installed by the OS. From what I could figure out, bluetooth is handled by netgraph, meaning it would be cool to have
> a custom netgraph configuration mdoule at some point in the future.

I don't think the backend does work with KDE4 at this point. For that matter, pretty much nothing works in the systemsettings -> Hardware
section, since those are all linux-specific 'isms at this point. I may disable that tool completely for the time being, until we
get those ported to BSD.

> Are there any distribution restrictions which prevent the OS from loading the necessary loader.conf lines for iwi(4) and ipw(4)?
> loader.conf correctly adds the legal* sysctl knobs, but none of the load rc knobs.

iwi / ipw, wpi are all in the default kernel, so I only need to accept the license in loader.conf for them to work.

(I use wpi here personally, and it works fine)

> KDE Resources: When click on any of the resources (contacts, calendar, etc.) in the drop down menu get this error: There is no valid
> standard resource. Please select one which is neither read-only nor inactive.

That seems to be normal, there are no alarms / notes, etc setup by default, but when I add them here on the right, they then seem
to work, and that error goes away.

> Applications -> System -> Wallet Management Tool does not launch the app. However, it does start okay from System Settings -> KDE Wallet
> -> Launch Wallet Manager.

I checked, and it does actually start just fine from Applications -> System -> Wallet Management Tool

It just loads the tray icon, which may be hidden, until you click the < arrow on the tray.

> Login Manager: changing the language in the General tab has no effect.
> Login Manager -> Themes tab: clicking on Get New Themes fails with "there was an error loading data providers". It should be connecting
> to the KDM Themes section of kde-look.org.

Works for me, running systemsettings as root here.

> Login Manager -> Users tab -> click on icon in User Images section -> Browse results in this error: "could not start process cannot talk
> to klauncher: the name org.kde.klauncher was not provided by any .service files". It still allows you to browse, but the error should not
> appear.

Humm, KDE hiccup? Works 4 me.

> Login Manager -> Convenience tab: tells people to read help but the System Settings Handbook does not seem to be installed as selecting
> it from the Help menu or pressing F1 within the screen does not do anything. Ditto for any other screen within System Settings.

Humm, the handbook seems to come up fine here, were you still running in admin mode?

> Power Management: if System settings are started in administrative mode, this module fails with the error:
> The configuration module can not be started, since there seems to be a problem with eht PowerDevil Daemon. Read below for more details.
> PowerDevil seems not to be started. Either you have its service turned off, or there is a problem in D-Bus.
> However, powerd is already running (it has a PID).
> If I start Power Management (not in administrative mode), it opens so it may be a permissions problem in dbus-land.

I'm not sure what to make of these, I'm thinking there is something odd going on with dbus, but I'm not sure how to debug
it, not really up to speed on dbus interworkings.

> Samba -> Printers tab: does this tab work? Double-clicking the printers share does nothing (unlike doubleclicking homes in the Shares tab
> which brings up a whole menu)

Not sure about this one either, it doesn't seem to work here, but a guess may be that it uses the same python printing backend, which
is still broken. After we get that fixed maybe it'll work properly. 
> Is there supposed to be add/remove buttons for the Shares and Printers tabs? If not, how do you add another share/printer?

Yep, is see them here. You have to scroll down in side the widget to find them, they are at the bottom.

> The Samba -> Users tab does not show any users in the Unix users list so there is no way to add them.

Confirmed here, I'll take a look into it :)

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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