[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha-Installer loops

Matthias Vos actro at actrophp.de
Fri Oct 2 02:05:45 PDT 2009

I was trying to install the Alpha-Release, without success :( Installer
is coming up, all settings are made successfully but when it should
install, it loops back to reboot.
Partitioning, formatting and filesystems creation works well, the
partitioning is okay and filesystems are made well, I tested it from my
working 7.1.
After 1-2% of copying the machine reboots everytime. No dump or panic,
just a reboot..

Hardware should be okay, my 7.1 is running smoothly. System is a
AMD3800+ with 2GB RAM and I tried the 32bit-version of the alpha.

Any hints for dignostics?


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