[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha 8.0-20090929 Available

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Thu Oct 1 07:33:47 PDT 2009

On Oct 1, 2009, at 6:37 AM, Kris Moore wrote:

>> Some quick observations before I hit the sack.
>> Live CD mode boots up nicely
>> nVidia drivers work great. - Thanks Kris
>> The software manager seems to be a bit problematic. Thunderbird would
>> start to DL and then fail. Firefox didn't completely DL the first  
>> time.
>> The second time I got it and it said it was installing it but it  
>> didn't.
>> It disappeared from the list of installed pbi programs. Opera DL'd  
>> and
>> installed but did not put its icon in the menu. It did however run  
>> OK.
>> K3b DL'd and installed but would not run.
> Try changing the Mirror in the configuration, maybe its losing  
> connection
> to the mirror its using now? Also, those PBIs are still versions  
> from 7.x,
> so they will probably not all run properly. We'll be starting to build
> 8.0 ones here very soon :)

I kind of figured that, but had the mirror set to auto. Will play with  

>> The Ports Console also has some problems. You can cd to some of the
>> directories but not to others. For instance cd /usr/ports fails  
>> with no
>> such file or directory message while cd /usr/sbin works just fine.  
>> The
>> terminal lets me cd to the directories that fail in the Ports  
>> Console.
>> Anyway, it is late so I will work on this again tomorrow.
> That is correct, the ports-console is running inside a jail. The  
> only shared directories
> between it and your system is /home and /tmp, everything else is  
> seperate, so you don't
> have to worry about breaking your system. To get started in it, just  
> run "portsnap fetch extract update"
> within the port-console, and begin making ports.

Having never played with a jail system before I had not realized that.  
I now have it working and thanks...

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