[PC-BSD Testing] Virtualbox, BSD, redheads, & Nvidia 64-bit drivers.

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 15:05:50 PST 2009

>Sometimes I feel like BSD is a red-headed stepchild in that regard.
>Hopefully the new VirtualBox specific changes in 8.0 will make it more
>attractive to Sun to port it, especially now with the 64-bit NVidia
>driver stuff coming soon. They kind of have no excuse now.

@ Arthur Koziol --

How right you are Arthur, but remember that BSD is like the red-headed
Nicole Kidman.  She never sought an artificial bloat of her attributes
through frivolous augmentation, but she is hot, exciting, and she is rock
solid in both substance & ability.  :)  :)   :)

As you nicely pointed out that Nvidia will be providing a 64-bit video
driver, I am drooling & eagerly awaiting Kris' release of PCBSD 8.0 so I can
install the x64 version (plus recoup the RAM that i386 abandons).  I've
stayed at i386 so I could retain the benefit of my Nvidia cards.

Ian Robinson
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