[PC-BSD Testing] Support for J-Micron?

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 29 04:27:50 PST 2009

Sounds good.

I finally got a reply from J-Micron:
Sir : 


can support JMB36X directly. 

do NOT hot-plug your HDD on FreeBSD. 

can not support SATA hot-plug yet   

Best regards, 

CH Hsu 

JMicron Technology Corp.---------------------------------------
So I changed the mode to IDE but can't figure out how to mount it.
Reading this, I assumed I could mount this as below but got an error:
# mount /dev/ata /media/Backup
mount: /dev/ata : Block device required
Tried various other device names with no luck.
The manpage for ata(4) indicates support for this device.
I have a WD external hard drive plugged into it.

Any idea how to mount it?  

Thanks, Jeff


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Jeff wrote:
> I just bought an external hard drive but can't get the eSATA port to 
> work on my ASUS P6T.  It's controlled by a chip from J-Micron, the 
> JMB36X family.  Their website claims compatibility with FBSD but they 
> don't have any drivers to download and the FBSD hardware compat list 
> makes
 no mention of it.  They didn't respond to my email request.
> Anyone have any knowledge about this?

Hey Jeff, yeah, I think we found the same issue here at work. One of our 
FreeBSD devs is already working on a patchset with that and several 
other fixes. I believe it's a problem with AHCI so see if you can 
disable that from the BIOS. The patch will probably be in the next alpha 
release of PC-BSD.

If I find another way to work around it, I'll post to the list!


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