[PC-BSD Testing] 7.1 ugly crash

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 23 02:56:42 PST 2009

Well, thanks for the advice but I had to give up.  I could never get the RAID-0 array to start up again.  I put two new disk drives in and tried to get the old array to sync up a 2nd time but no go.  Tried resetting the array in the BIOS and using Testdisk to rebuild the partition but it wouldn't do it - one drive just slowly died to the point it was unusable.  Maybe I could have hit the offending drive with some freeze spray to get it back to some vestige of life, but screw it - I'll just start over - I didn't lose all that much - was able to get off a lot of important files before it died altogether.

Lesson learned - backup, backup, and then backup again.  I just never expected such a new box to die so soon.  Also, after putting in two new drives, I again set them to RAID - 0 and after powering down, removing the old drives and starting up again, the new RAID - 0 was broken!  Whatever performance increase I might have gotten from striping just isn't worth it - reconfigured it with RAID - 1.  Maybe 4 drives in a RAID - 10 would be ok, but no room for two extra drives in this box.  To get a real performance boost I'll just wait six more months until the Intel X25 Flash drives drop in price.  Guess I'd not recommend anyone configure two drives in a RAID - 0.  Seems it's highly sensitive to errors breaking the array.  Once the array is broken it's near impossible to retrieve data using any of the utilities out there.  I hear that a newer version of the Intel Matrix RAID manager allows fixing broken arrays, but didn't try it.  Not sure if that
 is a BIOS or Windows only solution.


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On Fri, 20 Nov 2009, Jeff wrote:

> I tried that but I can't copy any of the files out of the directory.
> Every time I try to start Dolphin SU it crashes the whole system and reboots.
> In Krusader I can initiate the copy but it immediately stalls and does nothing.
> I can copy other files from the home directory for example, no problem.
> In the console I did:
> cd /media/disk/usr/local/warden/jails
> cp*.* /usr/local/warden/jails
> And got "no match".
> Trying to copy the Drupal directory:
> cp -r  /media/disk/usr/local/warden/jails/*.* /usr/local/warden/jails/
> Results in all the files shown with this error message:
> cp: /usr/local/warden/jails/index.php: Bad address
> What am I doing wrong?
> ...Jeff

Those sound like troublesome errors. Try it with tar:

# cd /media/disk/usr/local/
# tar cvzf /usr/local/warden.tgz warden
# cd /usr/local
# tar xvpzf warden.tgz
# rm warden.tgz

Does that work, or still give address errors?

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software
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