[PC-BSD Testing] misc questions

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 22 12:20:32 PST 2009

will The Warden, Thin Client, Grsync, and KBackup PBIs be in 8? I want to include these in the advanced tasks chapter.

feature request: include KBackup in base system

mixer: igain is still muted and off by default (microphone and recmon are fixed)

why does thin client PBI require reboot? I see it adds some services to rc.conf, but a post-install script should call their rc scripts to start them.

thin client install no longer asks for which nic, or does it automatically select ethernet if system has one plus a wireless?

Utilities -> Thin Client Docs points to old URL and needs to be updated

no gui for thin client server configurations? tsk tsk....

feature request: instead of setting default password and advising to change, pop up a window during installation where user can type in password (or create a server gui that has this option)

/PCBSD/Scripts/System/changes.sh: is this used when you click Fetch Ports in System Manager?

when is /PCBSD/Scripts/UpdateHints used? at boot time or when a PBI is installed?

is pcbsd.ini still used? I couldn't find it (it is mentioned in /PCBSD/Scripts/registerPatch.sh)

/PCBSD/SystemUpdater/bin/checkStartup.sh still looks for /PC-BSD/SoftwareManager/autoDownloadUpdates

what is the difference between readSysUpdates.sh and readSysUpdatesUser.sh?

will 8 include /PCBSD/bin/PBIdelete, /usr/local/bin/pbidelete or both?

will 8 include /PCBSD/bin/PBREG, /usr/local/bin/pbreg or both?

where is the registry located (the one that PBReg interacts with)?

I don't get anything when I PBReg get/set (e.g. Version) on either 7.1.1 or latest alpha

an upgrade from 7.1.1 to 8.0 overwrote the password files; xorg.conf was also messed up (no pointer, froze up) but was fine as a fresh install on the same system

will 8 installer support ZFS?

anyone know why TERM isn't set in single-user mode if you select /bin/tcsh? Even sourcing .cshrc containing this variable doesn't do it, I had to manually set env.


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