[PC-BSD Testing] pc-sysinstall questions

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 22 12:17:19 PST 2009

Lots of questions this week. These are the ones dealing with pc-sysinstall:

should /home be added to pc-sysinstall/conf/exclude-from-upgrade? Is this file also read during a restore?

installMedium= variable in pcinstall.cfg: is usb a choice or is it just ftp, dvd, rsync?

packageType= variable: is uzip correct choice for PC-BSD and tar for FreeBSD? when should you use lzma?

does pcinstall.cfg support the packageAdd variable for adding packages to FreeBSD install?

what happens if any of these variables are left blank or are missing?
rootPass=, userName=, userComment=, userShell=, userHome=   i.e. does the install continue? will the system just boot with root logged in?

why is the operator group included in userGroups= ?

what is the difference between runCommand= and runExtCommand= ?

is there a syntax checker for pcinstall.cfg? what happens if there is a typo in this file?

startautoinstall.sh fails with: .: Can't open /functions.sh: No such file or directory


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