[PC-BSD Testing] Network Tray crashing

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Mon Nov 16 07:14:31 PST 2009

Thanks matt! Send over that patch when your ready. Also, I've seen the tray crash on 8 here as well, I plan on looking into it before release for sure :)

Matt Olander <matt at ixsystems.com> wrote:

>Hey Kris,
>I'm on the latest alpha on my Lenovo U110. So far, so good! This release 
>is really looking nice :)
>We even got my Sprint EVDO going using the u3g driver and ppp. I did 
>have to recompile the kernel with umass commented out as it kept 
>grabbing the EVDO modem before u3g could bind to it. This is probably a 
>small-use case though as I'm not sure how many people are running a 3g 
>modem on their BSD boxes :P
>Kopete still won't do Yahoo! IM but obviously this is a KDE thing and 
>I'm bugging one of the KDE guys as I can't believe they've got it in 
>base as their main IM program and it simply doesn't work. Other than 
>that, things are working quite well. I'll have a patch for the Ports 
>Jail pretty quickly so that Postgres works but it's just some sysctl 
>knobs that need flipping. Also, is there a problem putting the portjail 
>in /usr/jails/portjail? It's a more FreeBSD traditional spot, and would 
>avoid the annoyance of tab-complete not working for /usr/ports. Not a 
>big deal, though.
>One thing that seems to be happening fairly consistently is that the 
>Network Tray utility crashes after the system being on for some time. 
>The KDE Crash Handler pops up with:
>Application: NetworkTray (pc-nettray), signal: Segmentation fault: 11
>and no further debug info available. I click Restart application but it 
>doesn't come back automatically.
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