[PC-BSD Testing] Network Tray crashing

Matt Olander matt at ixsystems.com
Sun Nov 15 16:37:37 PST 2009

Hey Kris,

I'm on the latest alpha on my Lenovo U110. So far, so good! This release 
is really looking nice :)

We even got my Sprint EVDO going using the u3g driver and ppp. I did 
have to recompile the kernel with umass commented out as it kept 
grabbing the EVDO modem before u3g could bind to it. This is probably a 
small-use case though as I'm not sure how many people are running a 3g 
modem on their BSD boxes :P

Kopete still won't do Yahoo! IM but obviously this is a KDE thing and 
I'm bugging one of the KDE guys as I can't believe they've got it in 
base as their main IM program and it simply doesn't work. Other than 
that, things are working quite well. I'll have a patch for the Ports 
Jail pretty quickly so that Postgres works but it's just some sysctl 
knobs that need flipping. Also, is there a problem putting the portjail 
in /usr/jails/portjail? It's a more FreeBSD traditional spot, and would 
avoid the annoyance of tab-complete not working for /usr/ports. Not a 
big deal, though.

One thing that seems to be happening fairly consistently is that the 
Network Tray utility crashes after the system being on for some time. 
The KDE Crash Handler pops up with:
Application: NetworkTray (pc-nettray), signal: Segmentation fault: 11

and no further debug info available. I click Restart application but it 
doesn't come back automatically.


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