[PC-BSD Testing] second test

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Fri Nov 13 08:01:15 PST 2009

pierre charles wrote:
> Hi sir,
> I proceed a second installation. The problems of slow loading kernel, now is
> correct and fast.  Similar to version
> 7.1 
>  I like the new look on (boot) screen PC-BSD.
> On the forum in the spring I had suggested this approach. I think we'll
> build you a PC-BSD version 8.0 the most complete. 
>  Problem: 
>  the driver for the sound card is installed but no sound (maybe this bug come from KDE not the PC-BSD system) 

What type of sound-card do you have? Does the kmix work, showing any 
channels? How about the output of these commands:

cat /dev/sndstat

> The graphics system update and installation is often defective. I
> managed to install some software, but they are not integrated into the
> desktop manager.

Those PBIs are from 7.x still, and as such may not work 100%, once 
FreeBSD 8.0 releases in a week or two, we'll start building the 8.x 
native PBIs which should work correctly :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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