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>> I need to run ports to load up mc, xmms, xpdf, etc. Can't live without them.
> If you find any ports that you need are aren't in PBI format, go ahead
> and request them here:
> http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php/PBI_Requests
>> Sid
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> Kris Moore
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Thanks for that link! I have added in a PBI request for Rhythmbox,
since I noticed it wasn't in the default Gnome install (and I'm a big
fan). There is already a port for it, though the port doesn't build
properly under PC-BSD 7 (ask for details if you'd like them). I'll be
happy to help build the PBI, in fact I was planning on it.

With regards to the the login screen issue with 1280x1024 - I noticed
the same issue on my system at 1280x800 as well. I'm really happy to
see that's going to be fixed.

Quick question about the 'Add Remove Software' dialog - it first comes
up with the kdesu prompt asking me to authenticate as root, then it
tells me that I have to run as root (but with the same theme as the
normal system settings now). Shouldn't that be the other way around?

Mike Bybee

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