[PC-BSD Testing] Few cosmetic issues

yurkis yurkis at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 15:05:50 PST 2009

1. User manager.
 - Window height is not changed back after switch back to 'simple' view. 
After switching to 'advanced' view window height increases. But when you 
switch back to 'simple' view window height is still same as before.

2. PCBSD Software and updates
- When start in any way 'Software and updates' manager without internet 
connection you can see two message boxes with connection errors (from 
software browser and update manager). In my opinion would be better to 
show special HTML in software browser and show another error message 
only after real check for updates (or at least when user select tab).
- When you start 'Software and updates' manager from SystemUpdaterTray 
IMHO 'System Updates' tab must be shown (right now 'Software Browser'')

PS Sorry, my english is not good.

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