[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 34, Issue 2

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 21:57:37 PST 2009

Testing PCBSD 8.0-Alpha-20091029 i386 using VirtualBox installation.

1.  Wow -- The new desktop backgrounds with the logo are intense and

2.  I did not see the usual desktop "folder view" widget (with icons to
access www.pcbsd.org, www.pbidir.com, and help) after the installation.
This was easily fixed with the add folder view widget.

3.  Dolphin in admin mode will not open text files with either kwrite or
kate.  The error message says, "Sorry - Dolphin.  KDEInit could not launch
'/usr/local/kde4/bin/kwrite'.   (kate message is the same).

Dolphin in the user mode will launch kwrite or kate.

Cannot launch Dolphin or Konqueror in a terminal as root either:

"KUniqueApplication:  Cannot find the D-Bus session server:  "Did not
receive a reply.  Possible causes include:  the remote application did not
send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply
timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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