[PC-BSD Testing] testing 7.1

krzysiek nr10232 at op.pl
Sun May 24 10:02:13 PDT 2009

1.I was unable to install 7.1 on another asus motherboard (this time it 
was m4a78 pro on amd 780g chipset); installer hang during boot just after

SMP: AP CPU #1 Launched!
SMP: AP CPU #2 Launched!

freebsd 7.2 stable works fine on that hardware, so i installed 7.1 x64 
on another motherboard, upgrade it, installed any needed pbi's and i 
/boot/kernel/ with files from installed freebsd 7.2 stable #0. After 
disabling two optnions in /etc/rc.conf :

#powerd_flags="-a adaptive -b adaptive" # set CPU frequency

system works fine; Unfortunately i can't install any pbi's, but it 
doesn't matter for me now. I send dmesg as attachment.

2.  to automatically start dhcp, i have to disable one option in 


after that, it starts as in should.

3.when i use mucommander or krusader (both from pbi), i found funny 
error when i tried delete not empty directory. When i have warning 
"directory is not empty", it is not deleted if i use ENTER to accept 
"delete all"; i have to use space instead (this time, directory is deleted).

4. gnome and Xfce pbi should be included to next pcbsd iso; distro with 
tree nice window environments is much more interesting and usefull.

5. scilab menu looks strange for me; i haven't found anything except 

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