[PC-BSD Testing] how to enable dhcpd on startup?

krzysiek nr10232 at op.pl
Tue May 12 00:46:26 PDT 2009

For two days i tried to enable dhcpd startup via /etc/rc.conf without 
success. I added

dhcpd_enable="YES"                          # dhcpd enabled?
dhcpd_flags="-q"                            # command option(s)
dhcpd_conf="/usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf"      # configuration file
dhcpd_ifaces="sk0"                             # ethernet interface(s)
dhcpd_withumask="022"                       # file creation mask  

but during startup i can't even found when it's executed.

ps: how to disable this samba which use /PCBSD/local/etc/smb.conf file?

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