[PC-BSD Testing] usability improvements - long wish list

Fabrizio Parrella fabrizio at bibivu.com
Fri May 1 13:28:15 PDT 2009

This week end I am going to use the laptop mainly for leisure and not 
work, and I have a few usability suggestions:
 - right click on a file should allow me to "send it via email" to someone
 - right click on a folder/file on desktop should allow me to compress 
the folder/file, and maybe even email it after compression
 - NTFS is almost always hibernated for me, I know that I cannot mount 
it in write mode, but would be really helpful if it would mount it 
anyway with a message when I try to write it that I cannot because it is 
"hibernate", and maybe a link to a page that explain why I cannot write.
 - My Wireless is tuned off, and I keep getting kernel message about it:
        wpi0: timeout resetting Tx ring 1
        wpi0: could not lock memory
        wpi0: could not lock memory
        wpi0: timeout resetting Tx ring 3
        wpi0: could not lock memory
        wpi0: timeout resetting Tx ring 4
        wpi0: could not lock memory
        wpi0: could not lock memory
        wpi0: Radio Transmitter is switched off
        wpi0: Radio transmitter is switched off
 - I have a card reader, I insert the card and nothing happens, I know 
that the card reader is recognized, but now I cannot do a simple "dmesg 
| grep card" because my dmesg is full of wpi0 errors, and nothing 
appears in /var/log/messages
 - DBL click on a PBI already installed should ask if we want to remove 
or reinstall such PBI
 - right click on an installed PBI should show on the menu if we want to 
uninstall such PBI
 - right click on a non installed PBI should show "install"
 - ability to change the resolution without having to restart the 
computer (the system settings->display doesn't "stick".. it doesn't 
change the xorg.conf)
 - have system handlers for common files when opening emails download 
files, some files could be:
    - office (xls+doc+odt+.....).... CSV files
    - pdf files (each program needs to be configured)
    - IMAGES !!!! (I cannot open images with Thunderbird or even preview 
them in the email)
 - ability to choose "profile" with a few clicks, meaning, a profile can 
have different video and speed settings, great for laptop users. for 
    - profile A has all the effects turned on, background, dual monitor 
set, decoration abc
    - profile B doesn't have any effects turned on, background is a flat 
color, and decoration is bcd
    - profile C has some effects, etc... you got the idea
 - easy way to mount samba shares, best if just with a right click on 
each share and "mount", ask user and password, and this can make it 
permanent if wanted... it would write on the fstab and nsmb.conf file


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