[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD as remote server

yerenkow at uct.ua yerenkow at uct.ua
Sat May 2 04:59:31 PDT 2009

Hello all.
I have here PC-BSD on a powerful box;
So I think, can I use my laptop as xorg-client only.
I can't use thinclient PBI because all my network already in  dhcp.
So I tried to setup this all manually, with info from forum.

1. Setting up

*                                       #any host can get a login window
(because my network is internal)


(That's very awful thing, without this nothing work)

pfctl -d
(disable firewall for incoming connections)

Problems: Nothing have GUI, no documentation about all this in PC-BSD help.

2. Connection
my laptop have 7.1R too; so I chose remote login, enter IP of my server, 
and could connect OK


    * Ip address in remote connect didn't saves, annoying (but maybe
      security issue)
    * user home dir is the same as kde configuration; I mean I have no
      way for one user have two or more kde desktop configurations.
      (That's architectural miss of KDE).
      Example: when I logging in, I must choose not only user, but also
      which desktop config I want to load. This would be great thing.
    * If I logged in from two places, there are almost 100% probability
      that files ~/.Xauthority-c and ~/.Xauthority-l would stuck. This
      mean I can't make anything which required root password, unless
      I'm informed, I'm hacker and before every root password prompt I
      remove ~/.Xauthority-c and ~/.Xauthority-l. That's annoying a bit too.
    * Xorg stops allow me to login remotely without any reason aftrer
      few successfull loings... Only restart kdm-bin helps, that's
      confusing too.

Can we have user have other homedir set up while logged from remote PC? 
Is it widespread that env HOME is used, or still many progs looks for 
home dir in /etc/passwd?
Can we have GUI for enabling remote login access?

3. Another User.
I've added one more user, to connect from remote host.
All works ok, but:

    * Created user have english language, and there is no way to
      specify/change this in GUI. Kris, while we choosing language
      during installation, this seems we choosing only language of added
      users, that's not cool. Or we should somehow track installation
      language for future users, OR provide way to specify for
      newly-added users a language.
    * Added user have no desktop icons for all PBIs. Same thing, I think
      we should have some dir for PBI desktop Icons, and at least simple
      copy it to new user desktop.

while installing a non-english installation (or adding not-english 
user), we should by default add language switcher for him.

4. Logging in
When user logged in - we hear sounds. That's not good for me, but there 
are many peoples, maybe this feature are cool for them.
But! What is really not good is setting mixer and sound levels on login 
stage. This is not good when two or more users loggin in. What I propose 
- disable this thing on loging stage, and move it to boot stage. We have 
one hardware, but can have many users, currently not best solution for 
changing levels/muting/unmuting channels during login stage.

We have not very well working and not polished remote setup, but it's 
better than nothing :)

Comments/thoughts/ideas are welcome.

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