[PC-BSD Testing] Upgrade to RC1 - Needed time to cook and a few reboots. Needs fixing

Peter Brewster peter.brewster at comcast.net
Mon Mar 30 17:47:34 PDT 2009

I did a boot-only upgrade to RC1 from an up-to-date beta.  That seemed to go perfectly - except.

The first reboot got tangled up on the garden-variety VGA display - and X just got lost.  With each reboot things got a little better and after four or five it seems to be working, kicker and all.  This was very similar to my starting beta experience.

An hour later, after a meal, I went to look at some video clips on nytimes.com after pbi'ing FF 3.0.7.  No dice.  I pbi'd VLC and the first time it too failed.  After a few tries VLC worked and gradually FF and nytimes video clips came to life.

My take is that there are some time dependencies here - and they take a few hours and a few reboots to resolve themselves.

This does not greatly affect me - ignoring some irritation.  But it would be a kiss of death for the innocent PC'er who wants to skip out of a Windows situation.  This needs fixing.

Peter Brewster
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