[PC-BSD Testing] pcbsd7.1 rc1 PBI corrupt

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Mar 30 09:21:39 PDT 2009

Arthur Koziol wrote:
>> rasz wrote:
>>> Kris Moore wrote:
>>>> rasz wrote:
>>>>> i am a bit new to vers7 (had 1.5.1) and installed beta1 and now rc1,
>>>>> so i am not sure if i am missing some info, but do the 7x PBIs on the
>>>>> site not work with this release? i get *file is corrupt*.
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>>>> Rasz,
>>>> The 7.x PBI's should run on 7.1RC1. If you find one that isn't
>>>> working, please let us know which one it is, and what URL you used to
>>>> download it, so we can look into it :)
>>> actually any pbi i tried was failing with *file is corrupt*. i tried a
>>> few at random after 1 fail, but i think i hit some unlucky ones and
>>> though all would fail. but giving xchat a go after your reply worked.
>>> there was nothing i really needed, so i am not sure which i tried before
>>> pgAdmin, i remember, something from utilities, and something from
>>> emulators or games.
>>> with beta1 i had also tried gnome but not now on rc1. fownloading a
>>> couple more now.
>> Can you try grabbing FF 3 for 7.x? Does that work?
>> http://www.pbidir.com/bt/pbi/49/firefox
> Kris,
> Last week when I went to the 
> /pub/pbioutgoing/i386/7/outgoing/firefox3 on ftp.pcbsd.org for 
> Firefox 3.0.7, it did give me the "File is Corrupt" when running the PBI.
> Grabbing the same pbi file from pbidir mirrors worked fine. I tried a 
> few others from the /pub/pbioutgoing/i386/7/outgoing/ folders and 
> they threw the error too.
> Maybe Rasz was doing what I was doing instead of going to pbidir?
> Arthur 

Thats entirely possible :)

Need to ensure that any downloaded PBI's are for 7.x before trying to 
install them. A good way to tell is run "file <pbi>" and see if it is 
marked as FreeBSD 7 binary, or FreeBSD 6.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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