[PC-BSD Testing] Possible bug in 7.1RC1

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Fri Mar 27 11:06:30 PDT 2009

Arthur Koziol wrote:
> Just finished the install and noticed one thing that seemed to not 
> work so well that did in 7.1B1. Double-clicked the Update Manager, 
> asked for password, clicked OK, nothing happened. Tried again, 
> nothing. Tried a third time, nothing. Tried a fourth time, it finally 
> opened. I repeated the same thing after a reboot and it took three 
> tries to get Update Manager to open. Rebooted and tried the same 
> process but this time with the option to save password. No 
> difference, took three tries to open the Update Manager and it didn't 
> save the password. That part might be KDE's fault though. More to 
> come if I find anything.
> Arthur
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Let me know if this continues. Normally it takes a bit longer the very 
first time you use "kdesu" since KDE has to setup all the root profile 
stuff, but after that it tends to speed up :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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