[PC-BSD Testing] guidline vs checklist

Gary B. Corell wa5qjh at xmission.com
Thu Mar 19 14:13:47 PDT 2009

A guidline may be more acceptable to a lot of folks. In spite of 
semantics, a checklist implies everything must be completed where 
guidline implies "Answer what you can".
 gotta agree with Bill That a checklist can cause tunnelvision and 
missing a fault.
In my case,and i havent looked at the checklist beyond the first 3 or 4 
major topics,  I have had problems with Beta1 trying to get a few of my 
favorite programs working. Several of the PBI's were corrupt, several 
were not available from some mirrors ( no, not a problem per se of B1 in 
that last area),  A couple of them , Gkrellm's text is hosed up,  and 
the PBi is corrupt. Skype pbi is corrupt or missing, and when compiled, 
would not show up in any menu anywhere or run from command line.  Sox 
would not compile tho it did in 7.0.2 from my end 7.1beta1 looks great 
but 7.0.2 works a lot better.
 I have ATI 3d working on my box just fine.
 I misunderstood the sound menu in the system menu and tried to make 
sure my Intel hda card was preferred and the next time it booted up kde 
wanted to get rid of it. I put  load_snd_hda=YES in loader.conf to 
vercome that problem.

Gary B. Corell
Failure is not an option. It comes bundeled with your Microsoft products.
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