[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha/Beta Testing Checklist

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Thu Mar 19 05:42:49 PDT 2009

>Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64It probably is a good idea, but no 
>offense intended Ian, I used to
>test extensively for Symantec a few years back and they used a
>checklist approach. Personally, I hated it because it got testers so
>focussed on the list that they ended up just doing just the list. The
>most interesting bugs were rarely found by the testers who followed
>the list.   :-)
>Actually, it would work OK as long as we didn't insist that everybody
>do that. Being retired I don't have the patience to follow a checklist
>anymore. Besides, it is always nice to have people who come in and
>turn on the computer and think I wonder what the hell would happen if
>I tried this...  Just my two cents worth, but how about just putting
>it forth as a set of guidelines instead of a checklist. the difference
>is more a bit of semantics than anything, but I do better with
>guidelines than I do with checklists.   :-)


I see what you mean with the checklist. You do run the risk of missing the
forest for the trees in a way. At the risk of confusing people who 
are Joe / Jane
average user, would it be dumb to have two lists: one for the beta testers
and one that's just plain vanilla that is sort of the Anti-checklist? 
I wouldn't mind
the "long form" if it's function is to check for bugs and errors from 
a compatibility
and techie standpoint. A plain vanilla list could encompass the touchy-feely
and usability aspect.


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