[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha/Beta Testing Checklist

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Wed Mar 18 14:07:55 PDT 2009

It probably is a good idea, but no offense intended Ian, I used to  
test extensively for Symantec a few years back and they used a  
checklist approach. Personally, I hated it because it got testers so  
focussed on the list that they ended up just doing just the list. The  
most interesting bugs were rarely found by the testers who followed  
the list.   :-)

Actually, it would work OK as long as we didn't insist that everybody  
do that. Being retired I don't have the patience to follow a checklist  
anymore. Besides, it is always nice to have people who come in and  
turn on the computer and think I wonder what the hell would happen if  
I tried this...  Just my two cents worth, but how about just putting  
it forth as a set of guidelines instead of a checklist. the difference  
is more a bit of semantics than anything, but I do better with  
guidelines than I do with checklists.   :-)

On Mar 18, 2009, at 12:40 PM, Kris Moore wrote:

> Ian Robinson wrote:
>> Dear Kris --
>> Would it help your work if we could develop a master checklist for  
>> testing
>> alpha and beta releases so we could make thorough and consistent  
>> reports to
>> you?  It would not take much to develop a standard checklist of the  
>> most
>> common areas you want us to test.  This is a very small start towards
>> listing some of the issues that crop up frequently:
> This may be a good idea, anybody else have any comments on the list  
> Ian
> made? We should probably check / confirm that all common install stuff
> works with each release to catch any regressions, such as the nvidia
> issue with beta1 :)
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