[PC-BSD Testing] Proposition

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Wed Mar 18 12:39:07 PDT 2009

Alexander Yerenkow wrote:
> Kris Moore wrote:
>> A.Yerenkow wrote:
>>> Kris, and all others, I make a proposition for few things "had to be 
>>> fixed" before 7.1R out.
>>> 1. All subproject's QStream should be UTF-8ized, just like installer.
>>> Explanation: For example: status string in portsnap GUI, there somewhere 
>>> goes localized messages which is screwed (for russian at least).
>> Sounds like a good idea to me. If you can send me a list of places where 
>> you see the messed up UTF-8 stuff, I'll get them fixed in SVN here.
> Kris, can be this done in all cpp which we currently have?
> something like find all *.cpp  which contains "QStream" ?

I just did this for a large portion of our source now. When beta2 is 
out, can you test and let me know if you find any tools that miss this 
functionality still?

>>> 2. All translations should be filled as much as possible, we should make 
>>> some "urge" email about this :) I could handle Russian and Ukrainian 
>>> languages.
>>> Many strings are just empty when configuring ethernet/wifi - that's not 
>>> so cool :(
>> I agree, but thats really out of our control, its up to the translators 
>> to determine which ones will be finished :)
> Could we make an emailing to all registered at pcbsd pootle?
> At least to users  who are registered with language, which translations 
> not finished.
> I'm understand it's fully volunteer, but at least we could encourage them :)

We do have the mailing list for translators, which I've posted to about 
the new translations, and many of them are being worked on now :)

> I've forgot #4 - PBI which installs during installation must have 
> desktop icons and KDE menu, is this fixed too?

I'll double-check this. Was it a specific PBI that failed to make icons?


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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