[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 26, Issue 26

Sander Holthaus info at 2insite.nl
Wed Mar 18 02:36:16 PDT 2009

On 18-3-2009 0:00, Ian Robinson wrote:
> Perhaps the difference between success and failure was a day or two
> and a broken port or its dependency on the first two tries.  On the
> other hand, perhaps runports would not complete because at some of the
> screens I chose a couple of options other than the defaults.  The
> successful install was nothing but the defaults.
Many options install additional dependencies and increase the risk of
(temporary) failures. Not all options are checked/confirmed to be
working by port maintainers (almost undoable) so there is always a small
risk that things don't work. In the "old" days you could actually break
updating because two dependencies both required an update of each other
before updating.
If you keep having a problem with a specific port, don't by shy to drop
the port maintainer a line. Helped me out in the past in a few cases.
> It has only been lately (last several days) that I have ever recall
> seeing the blue option screens while processing ports (other than
> using sysinstall).  At first I thought it was because 7.1 is in beta. 
> However, I was running portupgrade on one of my 1.5.1 installations
> and I was seeing the option screen there too.  I am grateful to know
> that I can run unattended jumping past the defaults by tweaking
> /etc/make.conf.
If you're using portupgrade, you might want to take a look at
pkgtools.conf It allows you to preset all port options as well. I prefer
this over make.conf, though I do use that to set options for which
affect multiple ports. For port-specific options, I use pkgtools.conf,
so my make.conf stays relatively clean.
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