[PC-BSD Testing] Runports (root) Make Update (Solved)

Sander Holthaus info at 2insite.nl
Tue Mar 17 08:37:16 PDT 2009

On 17-3-2009 13:28, Ian Robinson wrote:
> I attempted a few more times yesterday, each time stopping on ORBit2
> part of the install.
The ports tree can "break" occasionally, usually because something is
wrong with the dependencies or the ports-database is not up-to-date.
> 2.  What exactly does the "make" command do?  Does it compile a
> database of ports or install certain key ports into the PCBSD ports tree?
It depends where the make command is given and what the arguments are.
Best read up on it in the FreeBSD handbook, while make is quite a simple
command, the various arguments and uses make it a bit complex.
> 4.  What is up with the having to make numerous inputs at the blue
> options screens -- that slows down the installation and requires the
> user to sit for hours watching the install.
Than you shouldn't use the ports tree / compile things. The reason
people use ports instead of packages is that you can set all these
options. You only need to do it once however. The ports tree is really
meant for more advanced uses, for normal installs of ports, use packages
(though I don't know how PCBSD deals with those).

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