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Mon Mar 16 05:55:37 PDT 2009

Hello Sander, thanks for mail us here!

On 16.03.2009 14:32, Sander Holthaus wrote:
> After checking out PC-BSD 7.1b1, a few comments;
> Install was a breeze, but:
> - I don't quite get the partition layout PC-BSD chooses by default. I
> went into the advanced/custom settings, only to see that PC-BSD used one
> partition + one SWAP partition (which was only 512MB).
Which isn't sufficient for you? swap on desktop system almost always is 
waste of space, as for me. 512/1G si more than sufficient, assuming that 
I had seen in my life 40-50Mb used swap.
> - Not PC-BSD specific, but what is with the keyboard layouts. Every OS
> asks me this. I live in the Netherlands and there is a nl keyboard
> layout... except almost all the keyboards that are sold here are
> US-international layout. For very new computer users, this might be made
> a bit clearer.
Actually, I think that we should have near every form question (select, 
input etc) some question-marked little button, with more deep explanation.
Guys, how about something like that? An popup with popular description, 
maybe some examples;
> - Last, I switched from nVidia to ATI for my graphics a while back. Not
> the smartest thing to do in regards to *BSD. The display settings driver
> doesn't provide any feedback when it came to the best X.Org-driver and
> selected the VESA-driver instead of ati / radeonhd. It also got the
> resolution of my display (HP f1903) wrong and set the default to
> 1024x768 instead of 1280x1024.
We all hope that AMD will go on with help to xorg, and soon we'll have 
adequate drivers for amd ati video :)

> - After booting into PCBSD / KDE the first time, I received a notice
> about not being connected to the Internet from the PBI-updater. Checked
> the network settings, and indeed, my wireless PCI-based broadcom card
> wasn't listed. Did a quick check to see if I could find any info on how
> to get it working ASAP, but couldn't find much documentation at all.
> Used ndisgen and the Windows drivers to get the card going, and tried to
> set it up through the GUI which didn't work as the network scan didn't
> function and there is no way to set it up manually through the GUI. So I
> ended up in the console editing wpa-supplicant. No big deal, but, I
> should have been able to do that through the GUI (why doesn't it work?)
> and PCBSD should have provided me with more documentation in this
> regard. New users might be seriously turned off by things like this.
> - Last, I tried accessing my external USB NTFS HD. Worked almost
> flawlessly. The first time I try to open it always leads to an
> error-message, probably because Dolphin tries to access it before it is
> mounted. It also goofs up some file names with special characters (like
> ë), seems that it isn't using UTF-8. And I don't see preview images for
> movie-files (neither for mpg, avi, mkv, vob, etc). I tried finding the
> setting for this but to no avail. (used to be easy in FreeBSD 6.x with
> KDE 3.5.x). .ts-files are not recognized as movie-files by default
> either, though they do play.
> In the list of drives/partition in KDE/Dolphin, I'm also missing my
> Windows D-partition, even though it does find my Windows C-partition on
> the same drive. On my previous install (FreeBSD 6.x/KDE 3.5.x) the
> D-partition was listed.
> Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by PC-BSD 7.1b1. Excellent work!
> Works out of the box, except for the above issues. The only thing I
> don't really understand and which isn't mentioned during install, is how
> the whole PBI/ports thing play out. The number of PBI's is fairly
> limited so I guess I will be using ports mostly, but can this result in
> conflicts?
there are pbidir.com and whole ports tree, they aren't conflicting at all.

> Kind Regards,
> Sander Holthaus
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