[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 7.1 Beta1 AMD 64

Yvan navyn5 at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 13 19:52:20 PDT 2009

I upgraded my PC-BSD 7.1 from Alpha 2 to Beta 1 install last night and 
the trouble began:

1. During X-server configuration I could no longer select any of the 
numbered version nVidia drivers, only nv... which seemed OK, but later 
2. Neither Firefox 3.0.6 nor Thunderbird would launch. I saw the 
bouncing icon for a minute then it would simply give up for both apps.
3. I decided to download new PBIs and re-install them. When I ran the 
Firefox 3.0.6 uninstall script it did not get rid of the menu entries, 
but after I installed Firefox 3.0.7 it would launch properly at least.
4. When I tried to uninstall Thunderbird Mail the script wanted to 
uninstall Firefox instead as if there were crossed wires somewhere. I 
went into the program folder I noticed that the uninstalled Firefox 
3.0.6 folder was still there. After trying to run scripts and/or using 
the Add/Remove program utility I resorted to using rm -r on both the 
Firefox 3.0.6 and Thunderbird folders to get rid of them and 
re-installed a working version of Thunderbird.
5. I also experienced a couple of freezes that forced me to shut down 
the X-server once and the whole PC the next time.

Altogether Beta 1 has been a lot worse on my AMD 64 with nVidia 7600GT 
than Alpha 1 or 2 ever were. I am sad to say that my Windows 7 Beta 
install has done better, which I did not expect.

I will try a fresh install tonight instead of the Apha2 to Beta1 upgrade 
I used before, but I am not sure that it will care of all the oddities. 
I will let you know if it does.


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