[PC-BSD Testing] Testing

A. Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Mar 11 06:05:19 PDT 2009

A.Yerenkow wrote:
> Okay, about Beta 1
> 1. Translated license and PBI descriptions - are translated, not screwed 
> ! :)
> 2. Beta1 could update alpha2 (maybe a1 too) - great!
> 3. While beta1 updating my alpha1 - it displays "Mounting cd..." but top 
> shows "rm" working. Maybe label should change, while removing old files? 
> Or user just go to reboot - because CD couldn't mount so long - he 
> probably thinks so.
> 4. Loader is again could be booted from grub (strange things happen, 
> like loader from A2) - Great, I'll make a manual to boot from usb fat 
> (very easy to made for average win* user)
> 5. After "successful" updating my alpha to beta1 - I found that 
> /PCBSD/local/bin is missing :) I'm not sure, or I'll try to unpack from 
> lzmas needed files, or will do a fresh install.
#5 was happened due to broken pcbsd2.tar.lzma in my download;
Redownloaded and reinstalled;

6. Start "ports" from menu, after that start konsole - konsole will get 
same icon - bug, I think KDE's, but not sure;
7. Installed PBI while installing system didn't put icons to users 
Desktops - we will live with that ? :)
8. Currently we have no options to make manual partition layout (for 
example, if we have not one HDD and want some specific layout), maybe 
let's think about optional step in installation with console input and 
prompt to configure partitions fully manually?

> That's all for now :)
> I'll write some more, when I'll boot in beta.
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