[PC-BSD Testing] X gets lost ?

Peter Brewster peter.brewster at comcast.net
Mon Mar 9 13:16:37 PDT 2009

Had been using pre-beta versions with display OK.  (Gone now with new beta.)

Network loaded 3-8 i386 from mirror this PM without trouble.  Booted and arrived at display setup with screen looking fine.  Left all entries as they came up.  The trial screen was dead and the screen stayed dead for minutes - until I killed system.  It looks like X worked OK for the download and for the display setup but then got lost, never to return.

System is an ASUS board with Intel 82845 graphics.   Monitor is a Compaq FS7600.

I rebooted several times selecting the vesa, intel, sis-intel and vga drivers, with and without entering the display refresh rate.  About the same result except erratic behavior for acpi and ctl-alt-BS.  (Often neither signal worked and I had to kill power.  Recovery on reboot looked OK.)  Sometimes the invisible display would get to the organ grinder sound but more often not.  When the acpi signal did work the text display looked normal as the system shut down.

Depending in the driver the monitor may or may not get turned back on as display setup gets into trial.  (You can hear the relay and see the power led.)

I had a similar situation very early in the alpha series - I think it just went away with an early update.

Peter Brewster

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this sounds like a great fix that can be used to test the system update..

I do not use the nvidia driver, so it would not cause any issues with my 
beta, but I would be more than happy to install it as system update to test 
the new tool.

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Subject: [PC-BSD Testing] Fix for some nvidia systems

> Bill and others may experience issues with using the nvidia driver on
> BETA1, related to libwfb being incorrectly replaced with nvidia's
> version. Here is the fix:
> Install PC-BSD 7.1-BETA1
> Skip the video setup, or use vesa mode, (Do not use the nvidia driver,
> it will remove some files incorrectly)
> Once up at the desktop, download this file
> http://www.pcbsd.org/~kris/nv-fix.tgz
> Run these commands:
> # rm /PCBSD/packages/*
> # cd /
> # tar xvzf nv-fix.tgz
> Then reboot, and choose option 7 to re-run the x-setup tool. You should
> have new nvidia drivers available, such as 180.37, and they won't delete
> libwfb incorrectly anymore.
> Bill, can you confirm this gets your card working again? I didn't catch
> it before, because not all setups use the libwfb driver it seems, and
> just ignored if it was bad.
> Thanks!
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