[PC-BSD Testing] Fix for some nvidia systems

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Mar 9 11:44:38 PDT 2009

Fabrizio Parrella wrote:
> this sounds like a great fix that can be used to test the system update..
> I do not use the nvidia driver, so it would not cause any issues with my 
> beta, but I would be more than happy to install it as system update to test 
> the new tool.
> Fabry

I'll see about rolling it as an online update here soon then :) I'm 
scrambling to get ready for AsiaBSDCon, since I leave day after 
tomorrow, so I may not get to it until I get back. However, I'll try to 
get it rolled out sometime next week when I get back.

Kris Moore

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