[PC-BSD Testing] Just sharing a thought I had the other day

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Mon Mar 9 10:01:24 PDT 2009


Just got finished installing the 7.1 beta and am about to kick the tires soon.

Anyway, the other night I was at a restaurant and a thought came to 
my head regarding that recent issue someone had with the Firefox 
3.0.6 update being borked. How hard would it be to add a feature to 
the OS that basically asked you if you wanted to backup / save the 
current app (let's say Firefox 3.0.5) as you're about to update to a 
new version so that in the rare instance the updated app is fubar, 
there's some kind of quick-revert option? I know that going to 
add/remove programs, removing the offending app, and then downloading 
or re-installing the previous version off the CD/DVD is what most 
normal people would do but I thought it might been a neat-o thing to 
be able to do it but in sort of a one-step-undo kind of way. I dunno, 
just thinking out loud.


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