[PC-BSD Testing] 7.1 Beta1

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Mar 9 09:19:23 PDT 2009

Bill Leeper wrote:
> On Mar 9, 2009, at 8:07 AM, Kris Moore wrote:
>> Bill Leeper wrote:
>>> Kris Moore wrote:
>>>> Bill Leeper wrote:
>>>>> Sorry about that, I should have included more info. I have an  
>>>>> 8500GT
>>>>> with 512MB and I tried all three nVidia drivers and the nv  
>>>>> driver. I
>>>>> have a widescreen flat panel using a DVI connector. As soon as I
>>>>> tell  it to apply the settings I get the text screen where it
>>>>> generates a  new xorg. I then come back to the configure screen  
>>>>> where
>>>>> I get the  message previous attempt failed please check your  
>>>>> settings
>>>>> and try  again. This is pretty much the exact same problem I had  
>>>>> with
>>>>> the first  alpha as far as I can tell. I even tried the custom
>>>>> settings to enter  the refresh rates and it makes no difference.  
>>>>> The
>>>>> settings section  does correctly identify my card as a GeForce  
>>>>> 8500 GT.
>>>> Ok, here's what I need you to do in order for me to troubleshoot /  
>>>> fix
>>>> this issue.
>>>> Boot PC-BSD 7.1-BETA1, then hit "7" at the boot-splash to re-run  
>>>> the X
>>>> setup tool. Try using the 180.35 driver as you normally would,  
>>>> then go
>>>> ahead and hit Apply. After it fails, and you get brought up to the
>>>> "Your previous attempt failed" screen, right-click on the desktop  
>>>> and
>>>> bring up xterm, then run the following command:
>>>> # tar cvf /root/xlogs.tar /PCBSD/tmp/xsetup.log /etc/X11 /root/xorg*
>>>> Then go ahead and setup vesa mode as you've been doing, and e-mail  
>>>> me
>>>> the /root/xlogs.tar file. I should be able to help get this resolved
>>>> with that info :)
>>>> -- 
>>>> Kris Moore
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>>> Here are the logs you requested.
>>> Bill
>> Ahh, ok found the problem:
>> (==) Using config file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf"
>> dlopen: /PCBSD/local/lib/xorg/modules//libwfb.so: Undefined symbol
>> "miZeroLineScreenIndex"
>> (EE) Failed to load /PCBSD/local/lib/xorg/modules//libwfb.so
>> (EE) Failed to load module "wfb" (loader failed, 7)
>> (EE) NVIDIA(0): Need libwfb but wfbScreenInit not found
>> Looks like I have a bug in one of the driver tbz files. The libwfb.so
>> file isn't supposed to be replaced with nvidia's version anymore,
>> otherwise you get this error. BTW, are you trying with the 180.35  
>> driver
>> first, or an older driver? I think the bug is in the 177 and 93 series
>> driver, they probably remove the libwfb still, and cause this screwup.
>> I'll get those updated here shortly, and this bug should go away. If I
>> send you a patch, will you be willing to test it?
>> --
>> Kris Moore
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> I have tried all three drivers, but I tried the 180.35 driver first.  
> And this morning I only tried the 180.35 driver only.
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Ok, I'm going to re-roll all 3 drivers later today, and confirm that 
they don't touch libwfb anymore. That should take care of the issue. 
I'll make a tar-ball for you to download and apply to a fresh PC-BSD 
7.1-BETA1, then you'll be able to use nvidia properly :) I'll post here 
when I get that file made up.

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