[PC-BSD Testing] 7.1 Beta1

kris at pcbsd.org kris at pcbsd.org
Sun Mar 8 19:26:56 PDT 2009

> Sorry about that, I should have included more info. I have an 8500GT
> with 512MB and I tried all three nVidia drivers and the nv driver. I
> have a widescreen flat panel using a DVI connector. As soon as I tell
> it to apply the settings I get the text screen where it generates a
> new xorg. I then come back to the configure screen where I get the
> message previous attempt failed please check your settings and try
> again. This is pretty much the exact same problem I had with the first
> alpha as far as I can tell. I even tried the custom settings to enter
> the refresh rates and it makes no difference. The settings section
> does correctly identify my card as a GeForce 8500 GT.

Ahh, ok, that helps me make sense of it. Its not something specific to
7.1-BETA1, probably something which broke in the Xorg 7.4 update then.
I'll e-mail you some instructions in the morning when I'm at my syste.
After a failure like that, it does save a log file, which you may be able
to send me, so we can figure out what the actual failure is.


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