[PC-BSD Testing] Testing 7.1.1-RC1 + one new issue with Filezilla launching

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Mon Jun 22 09:30:34 PDT 2009

On Mon, 22 Jun 2009, Arthur Koziol wrote:

>>> I selected Intel-3D-Enable. Choosing the regular Intel driver
>> makes no diffy either. It's a clunky old Intel 915G (reported as 915G
>>> GMCH from the diag) on a Dell OptiPlex GX280 but I have been able
>> to use OpenGL in the past. I'm guessing it's because of mesa 7.4 or
>>> the new X-Server. 7.1.1 RC is using the 2.7.1 Intel driver now,
>> yes? This might improve or be working in mesa 7.5 (any day now). After
>>> reverting back to PCBSD 7.1, choosing Intel-3D-Enable, I can get
>> all effects and under Desktop settings the Desktop Effects box was
>>> already checked on.
>>> The exact error message in 7.1.1 RC is a bit truncated in the
>> middle but reads:
>>> "Failed to activate desktop effects using the ...gs will be
>> reverted to their previous values."
>>> "Check your X configuration. You may also ..., especially
>> changing the compositing type."
>> Ahh, yes thats the problem then. My intel laptop has all kinds of
>> issues now also, with the new driver / xorgserver, mesa, etc.
>> Once mesa 7.5 hits ports, I'll give it a rebuild and *hopefully*
>> these issues will go away.
> Kris,
> Although Mesa 7.5 is almost out, I just notice 7.4.3 is out and hit
> ports already. 7.1.1RC is using plain 7.4.2 currently. Any way
> you can see if this update helps any with the Intel drivers?
> http://www.mesa3d.org/relnotes-7.4.3.html
> Arthur

I'm burning a build with it as I type, so I'll test and see if it fixes the weird intel issues on my laptop :)

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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