[PC-BSD Testing] Testing 7.1.1-RC1

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Tue Jun 16 12:43:05 PDT 2009

>Thanks for everybodies patience! I've been working to get 7.1.1 
>ready for testing, and the i386 ISO
>is now ready to go:
>I'm still working on prepping the amd64 ISO, and hope to have it 
>posted tomorrow sometime. The fixes for
>it will be identical to the i386 though, minus the nvidia drivers of course.
>The changelog for 7.1.1-RC1 is as below. Please report your findings 
>back to this list so we can get 7.1.1
>ready for a launch here in the near future. 7.1.1 will be the last 
>release to round-out the 7.x series, so
>we can turn our attention to 8.0 and all the major updates that will bring.
>PCBSD 7.1.1-RC1 - Changelog (06-16-09)
>* Updated KDE to 4.2.4
>* Updated Nvidia driver to 185.14 - 4071
>* Updated FreeBSD to 7.2-Stable
>* Fixed issues with using the fetch ports GUI causing a crash in 
>kcmshell4. - 4069
>* Improved the System Updater Tray to not use annoying popups and 
>instead just change the icon - 4103
>* Added the older Nvidia 71.86.xx driver - 4066
>* Fixed issues with kppp, which needs suid permissions to function - 4061
>* Moved /PCBSD to /usr/PCBSD and created sym-link to allow small 
>root partitions - 3999 - 4004 - 4008
>* Fixed bugs when "upgrading" a system that uses ZFS root partition 
>- 3995 - 3997
>* Added support to give higher / lower priority to wifi connections - 3871
>* Added ability to edit saved wifi profiles - 3870
>* Added ability to "ignore" updates in the updater tool - 3842
>* Improved the system updater and tray application interaction - 3832
>* Fixed CUPS issues not finding all .ppd files correctly - 3833 - 3834 - 3822
>* Fixed bugs with xterm not running - 3804
>* Improved the default fluxbox configuration - 3793 - 3794 - 3798 - 
>3808 - 3809
>* Improved the KDE4 default theme - 3805 - 3810
>* Updated the KDM theme - 3812 - 3817
>* Improved the KSplash Theme - 3811

Ok, some initial things I noticed which beating on 7.1.1 RC.

1. The new loader screen and animation is slick.
2. Setting up display resolutions and testing modes is hella faster. 
XServer 1.6.1, I see?
3. KDE 4.2.4 is *much* more responsive. And yay, the KDE guys fixed 
the issue with text input field shrinking when a bad command or 
incorrect password is entered.
4. Running Portsnap in System Manager downloaded and did it's thing 
fairly quick but then sat at 100% progress complete / "new ports or 
files" for well over 10 minutes while the HD grinded away. Running it 
again an hour later, it finished quickly.
5. When you click Generate to get a diag sheet, it says could not 
start process but this is likely a KDE thing I'm guessing.
6. Clicking System Settings > Display > Gamma shuts down Display 
Settings. I think this was also in 4.2.4 and is probably a KDE thing as well.
7. Checking on Enable Desktop Effects" and clicking Apply throws a 
"Sorry...." error.

More as it comes.


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