[PC-BSD Testing] VirtualBox for Testing

Fabrizio Parrella fabrizio at bibivu.com
Mon Jun 15 11:43:46 PDT 2009

reboot necessary??


Kris Moore wrote:
> Hey everybody! I'm prepping an ISO for testing right now of PC-BSD 7.1.1-RC1, which fixes
> a lot of bugs from 7.1, updates ports, etc. In the meantime though, I thought some of you
> may be interested to test out the VirtualBox emulator :)
> The PBI for PC-BSD 7.x (32bit) is right here:
> http://www.pcbsd.org/~kris/VirtualBox2.2.51r20457-PV0.pbi
> The VirtualBox program hasn't hit ports yet, and this is just a test version of it to find / fix bugs.
> However, its working well enough here that I could install a copy of Win XP SP3 on it, and it runs great!
> (On PC-BSD 7.1 here)
> Feel free to play around with this PBI, but please report any VirtualBox specific bugs to
> the FreeBSD emulation list, and not here.
> http://lists.freebsd.org/mailman/listinfo/freebsd-emulation
> If you run into issues that are PBI specific, then of course I'll want to hear about it :)
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