[PC-BSD Testing] NVidia Driver 185.18.14 Release June 5th

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 9 10:35:34 PDT 2009

That's a good idea - dual booting like that.  I have nothing to lose as I can always put any OS I want on there myself.  I'll repost your comments in the forum (link below).  Better to move the topic there I think (would like to have a rough idea of how much faster typical apps are in 64 bit).

Tnx, Jeff

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On 09.06.2009 18:46, Jeff wrote:

        Still nothing on AMD64 support however.


I posted
yesterday on the NVidia news forum looking for some time frame, but
still waiting for a response.  At least there's some
activity on FreeBSD towards fixing the technical issues that are
holding this up.



Bad timing for me as I want to buy a new laptop (portable desktop
really) with a lot of power, hence this
beast, by far the fastest
laptop ever built, is at the top of my list in spite of the $3K
price tag. 



Very impressive laptop ;)

        Not sure if PCBSD-64 is worth the grief though, unless it
and its 64 bit apps are faster than their 32 bit counterparts.  Perhaps
someone here could weigh in on that issue on the PCBSD forum, here.


64 bit generic driver (btw, not only VESA, but also nv) give to you
average speed 2d desktop; which will be enough for web-development,
assuming you have good processor and a lot of ram;

I think you should get option "No OS at all", save a little bit money,
and try 64bit PC-BSD, if somehow it'll fail, you always can use 32bit;
btw, you even can set up dual boot, 32bit for games with nvidia
drivers, and 64 bit for working.

That's what I'd did :)






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